ROLO/ Air Sanitizer

Air Sanitizer

ROLO is a prototype for an indoor sanitizer, whose name is a reference to the art of wooden marquetry in Rolo: a town in the province of Reggio Emilia in which the manufacture of inlaid furniture boasts a long tradition.
From an idea of Stefano Lodesani Studio, who conceived and developed the design and graphics, ROLO is made in collaboration with Integra Fragrances and Nestart.
A sculptural element with simple lines, characterized by inclined cuts that give the object dynamism.
A linear design highlights the coating,designed and created by Nestart. Starting from the recovery of the scraps produced by metalworking, and the reinterpretation of the tradition of the Rolese wooden inlay, an innovative surface is created for the world of design and architecture, versatile and above all sustainable.
ROLO is a unique object, which turns out to be different from every point of view.
It’s a product designed to sanitize the air and surfaces. The sanitizing active ingredient is safe, biodegradable and compatible with the finest materials. Laboratory tests show that in 24 hours the index of microbial contamination of air and surfaces changes, according to current legislation, from intermediate to low values, returning to the parameters of health.
The sanitizing liquid can also be replaced with perfumed fragrances.

Produced by Nestart (prototype not for sale)

Year: 2020

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