ODE / shelving system


PATENT PENDING 202020000006809

A flexible shelving system with a dual use, as a wall shelving system and as an element of spatial organization. The elements have been designed to be able to be rotated 180 ° and make the shelving system extremely simple and customizable.
The elements are independent, easily movable, they have no fixing elements and don’t require tools for their assembly. They can be removed or added, turned or inverted, allowing infinite compositions. The extreme simplicity of the assembly procedure allow to disassemble and reassemble the shelving system as many times as you desire, adapting it to the new needs and in complete autonomy. It fallow the vision of eco-sustainability which is an important issue of the project.
The standard finish of the elements is black painted metal or natural black iron and, on request, available in RAL colors. They can also be partially covered with other materials such as ceramic, marble, glass, polycarbonate or wood. The curved part of the element has been designed to be covered with an additional material, thus multiplying the possibilities of combinations of colors, finishes and coatings.
The horizontal boards add possibilities to this kaleidoscope of finishing. The boards are in natural oak with a saw-cut effect and they are available in three lengths. They can also be used of different lengths in the same shelving system creating movement and rhythm.
This design concept has an ecological value of eco-sustainability. The boards have been simplified  to allow future customers to manufacture them autonomously, locally and choosing from the material they prefer. This reduce transport costs which are also environmental costs.
The shelving system assembling procedure is extremely simple: the first board is placed on the floor, the metal elements are freely positioned according to the customer’s taste and needs, then the second board is positioned and so on for the following floors.


Year: 2020

Photo: Davide Bartolai

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