MAMA MOKA / logo desing and naming

Mama Moka new namong and logo

For the name I looked for something that was easy to pronounce for everyone, Italians and non-Italians and that was easy to remember, let’s say something with an international sound, almost universal like Esperanto.The spoon is the oldest cutlery, its name derives from cochlea, snail or shell, the first natural tool used by man to bring liquids to the mouth and has always been used as a unit of measurement, both in domestic use, in the kitchen, both in medicinal ones. In addition to being the oldest, it is also the most international cutlery because it appears on all tables, from West to East. For my logo I naturally chose a coffee spoon to which I added the line that symbolizes the level of the precious liquid in the cup. The spoon therefore represents the symbol of that wonderful ritual that the customers of bars all over the world perform in the same way in a sort of universal brotherhood.


Year: 2021

Photo: Davide Bartolai

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