ZENO / stools and low table

ZENO by Nestart

ZENO is a set consisting of metal stools and coffee tables,developed in cooperation with Stefano Lodesani Studio. The metal sheet recovered from laser processing together with the folding technique made it possible to create a stool with curvilinear shapes and a cantilevered seat. The side table takes up the stool shapes and the top surface recalls the motif of “Tarsia Roles”.

From a formal point of view, Zeno is an exercise in simplicity, reflection and meditation. Inspired by “zen” balances, its peculiarity is the bending of the sheet metal. “ZENO” is also anexercise in awareness: a gentle clash with the constraints of matter, where steel wins thanks to its strength.

Born from a stroke, from a gesture, the Zeno set takes up the curving of the sheet metal which, when welded, rises to cantilever showing the potential of steel. The multiform perforations of the industrial waste material, specific to the sheet metal, characterize the aesthetics of the object and make it unique. The perforations define the appearance of the object, as it is an integral part of its volume.

In the Zeno set, the table is inlaid solid sheet metal, with inserts on the surface filled by geometric shapes with different types of finishing.

Year: 2021

Produced by Nestart srl

Photo: Davide Bartolai

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