ODE by Nestart

ODE by Nestart

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ODE is a modular bookcase, characterized by independent bearing elements and assembled through intuitive joints. Born from the collaboration with Stefano Lodesani Studio, the bookcase embodies the concept of composition, poetry, thanks to its assembly system that makes it simple and essential, potentially infinite.From the assembly of recovered metal sheets, the autonomous element is created. The bookcase is composable and it can be easily assembled and disassembled, creating new regular or decomposed shapes.Born as an exercise on forms and materials, Ode has also become an exercise in the circular economy. Its decomposability makes it suitable for more sustainable transport so the packaging needed for the metal uprights is minimal. The planks have a regular shape that offers the freedom to produce them for your local carpenter, thus reducing transport costs.“Ode” is a musical score where the uprights, made of roundness and horizontal lines, allow you to change the position of the notes on your pentagram and change the symphony. In the Ode bookcase, the position of the uprights can be freely changed, mutating the aesthetic value, in a game of compositions.


Year: 2021

Produced by Nestart srl

Photo: Davide Bartolai

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